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Currently the available products for purchase are the 2017+ Yamaha R6 and 2015+ Yamha R1 DRL kits.  If you would like to purchase a controller separately for your own application (Send us a email: here and we'll be happy to help!)

Y-Splitter Cable

Y-Splitter Cable

from 15.00

Choose from the following:

Pigtail: - Comes with a 6 pin connector to plug into our controller on one end. And bare wires on the other, so you can solder/crimp onto them. We recommend putting connectors on the end for easy removal.

Full - Comes with 6 pin connector on one end and 3 pin connectors on the other. This cable comes standard in the DRL kits. You will need the Extension cables, or DRL pigtail in order to use these.

Full/ Pigtail:
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If you need a replacement Y-Splitter cable for your kit you can get it here, or if you want to add or use your own LEDs to our controller.


  • Length: 10” (25 cm)

  • Wire: 22 Gauge with XLPVC insulation

  • Sleeving: PET mesh sleeving

  • Connector: Molex 6 pin connector (NOT WATERPROOF) on one end, with (Pigtail: free wire) or (Full: Molex splash proof connector) on the other end.

Pinouts are as follows:

  • Black - GND

  • White - Data

  • Red - +5V

** All cables are hand made, so slight variations in length may occur.