What is your Shipping Policy? 

Please visit our Shipping page

What type of bikes can your kits fit in/What kits do you have?

Basically any vehicle.  If you have a car and want to do DRLs and sequential turn signals and already have a LED board made, you can use our controller!

Currently our DRL kits are for the 2015+ Yamaha R1 and 2017+ Yamaha R6.  We have plans to make rear turn signal pods that will connect to our controller, and side mirror mods that will integrate seamlessly with the front DRLs.

In the near future we will be releasing other kits for other vehicles (The 2008 CBR 600RR, and ~2015+ FZ-07,09,10, are up next)

How difficult is the kit to install?

Not too difficult.  Can you identify where the battery, stator, and rectifier/regulator are and what they do?  Then you have more than enough knowledge to install our kit.  Even if you don't, we provide instructions and all the hardware necessary to install it! 

Vlogger Motonosity made a video installing our kit on his 2017 R6, which you can see here.  However, we always recommend having a professional install it.

What type of LEDs can your controller control?

Our controller is set up to work with addressable RGBW LEDs.  These LEDs are called "SK6812".  Many nick names exist for these LEDs, Neopixel, Neoprism, etc.  They MUST be digitally addressable LEDs.  (With 3 solder pads on the LED strip: 5V+, Data, GND) (Strips that have more than that WILL NOT work). 

What shapes can your controller animate?

Our controller is set up to properly animate strips.  They will animate halos just fine, but the indicator animations will be a bit funky, as they would look like they're just going around the halo in a circle, instead of wiping across the halo (in the intended direction of travel).  We do have plans to properly animate other shapes soon!

What is your Warranty Policy?

Full Warranty: 0-6 months of ownership. (parts, labor, and return shipping covered) 
Partial Warranty: 6-12 months of ownership, (Labor and return shipping covered) customer is responsible for cost of shipping to I.L.S. and any replacement parts. 

Warranty will only be honored if installed by a qualified individual.  If damage has been found to be due to improper installation warranty will be voided.  Products must be sent back to ILS for inspection before warranty will be fully honored.  

Is the controller waterproof?

Kind of.  The controller itself is water resistant.  We have done everything possible short of potting it (permanently encasing it in epoxy).  The controller is coated in multiple layers of water proof conformal coating, as well as all ports being filled with dielectric grease.  It is recommended to install the controller in a shielded area, such as under the driver/passenger seat.

Do you have a Bluetooth app?

Not yet.  We are working with a software engineering firm to develop the app.  But that takes time and LOTS of money (like seriously)...

Why don't you have Brad from the local college do it?  He's a computer science major!

With such an advanced controller we want an equally advanced app.  Picking colors off of a color wheel isn't enough. We have several features for the app which will require lots of R&D, completely uncharted territory.  We even have a patent filed for some of the features of the app!  We are "Intelligent" lighting systems after all. 

Alright! Where can I buy the Kits?!

Please see our store.  We accept PayPal and all major credit cards.