Shipping Terms:

Full explanation can be found in our Terms of Use.

Intelligent Lighting Systems ships world wide, we are based in the USA, and as such, we will adhere to US laws where applicable. 

Shipping us your DRLs/Headlights:

If you are sending us your DRLs or other lights to modify:  DO NOT SEND US YOUR LIGHTS UNTIL YOU HAVE PURCHASED A KIT.  YOU MUST INCLUDE A PRINTED COPY OF YOUR RECEIPT.  IF WE RECEIVE A PACKAGE WITHOUT A RECEIPT THEY WILL BE RETURNED!  Please make sure you package your lights properly!

Return shipping on DRL kits:

Return shipping is included on most DRL kits, if the Buyer is located outside of the contiguous 48 states, a $20 USD credit will be applied towards return shipping.  If an additional shipping charge will be incurred, Intelligent Lighting Systems will contact the buyer once the kit is ready for shipment, and agree upon the method and price of return shipping (USPS is our preferred carrier, however if you have a preference for a specific carrier we will be more than happy to use them). 

Intelligent Lighting Systems will then send an invoice (usually thru Paypal, other methods are available) for the extra shipping.  Once the shipping charge has been paid, Intelligent Lighting Systems will ship the Kit back to the Buyer. 

VAT/Import taxes:

Buyer is responsible for any and all VAT/Import taxes imposed on by their destination country.  WE WILL NOT ISSUE REFUNDS TO BUYERS WHO RETURN ITEMS DUE TO IMPORT TAXES.  IT IS UP TO THE BUYER TO ANTICIPATE AND PAY FOR ANY IMPORT TAXES THAT THEY MAY INCUR!  Customs forms will be labeled appropriately.