Who we are.

We design some of the most powerful digital LED controllers on the market! We're not your typical ebay/amazon controllers that do your standard cheesy patterns and animations (they will if you want them too). 

If you've wanted to find a controller that has both turn signal, brakes, reverse(for cars/trucks) AND RGBW in one, look no further!  


Our Mission.

Here at Intelligent Lighting Systems our main mission is to create powerful digital LED controllers for a variety of applications.  But being moto-enthusiasts our passion is making vehicles look -good-.  We believe in designs that look integrated and sleek.  Avoiding the "Auto store" look whenever possible.  


Our Controller

Based off of the ARM Cortex family of microcontrollers, our controllers have far more processing power than the competitors today.  This enables us to control multiple zones with ONE controller.  Competitors boards are all independent.  So while at first their 'show' animations are synced they'll quickly fall out of sync.  

Our controllers are also designed with the rigorous demands of the motorcycle world in mind.  Space is always at a premium in bikes so we design the controller to be as small as physically possible while keeping performance!

The Difference

The main difference between the competition and us is our controllers are based on individually controlled LEDs that reads data sent by the controller. The competitors are based on 'zones'.  Their controllers simply put, are banks of switches controlled via a microprocessor.  While this does allow for animations.  RGB(W) colored animations are all but out the window. Vehicles that have both sequential turn signals and RGB(W) halos or strips use two separate products.  We've combined both into one!



Our Lights.

Our LEDs aren't anything special, we'll admit that.  We didn't invent the digital LED.  Our secret sauce isn't in the LEDs, it's in our controllers!  Our competitors may have their 'neopixels' or 'neoprisms' or 'neo-whatever' but they're all the same!  In fact our controllers will work with most any digital RGB(W) LED on the market today!  

Our controller is natively coded for RGBW LEDs (specifically the SK6812 chip) but can easily be modified to control the older RGB LEDs!