Intelligent Lighting Systems Inc was founded by gear head and electronics tinker-er Ben Kwan.  A rare breed in the world of gear heads.  With a wide understanding of the complex world of electronics, and the extreme demands of the automotive and particularly, motorcycle world.  

Just as with most inventions, he had a problem, and started to design a solution.  Upon seeing the available sequential turn signal controllers and individually addressable controllers in general that were out on the market, he quickly realized they could be done better.  

Intelligent Lighting Systems set out initially to create a new sequential turn signal and DRL controller for automobiles and motorcycles.   We quickly realized the untapped and woefully under-served market of addressable LED lighting controllers in general.  Most of the current controllers on the market come from China with the re-seller's company logo slapped on top.  All with the same set of pre-programmed worn out patterns and animations. 

Our controllers and lights are all designed, assembled, and tested, by hand here in the USA.

Intelligent Lighting Systems is based in Lincoln, Nebraska.