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Currently the available products for purchase are the 2017+ Yamaha R6 and 2015+ Yamha R1 DRL kits.  If you would like to purchase a controller separately for your own application (Send us a email: here and we'll be happy to help!)

DRL Pigtail Cable

DRL Pigtail Cable


DRL Pigtail for use with our Y splitter cable and/or Extension Cable.

Length: 12” (0.3 meter) with splash proof connector. Sold each.

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If you want to make your own DRLs or add LEDs to our system these cables are ideal. Total length of 12 inches with Molex splash proof connectors they are recommended if the location of the connection is going to be subject to water spray. These cables are meant to work together with our Y-Splitter Cable and DRL Pigtail Cable.


  • Length: 12”

  • Wire: 22 Gauge with XLPVC insulation

  • Sleeving: PET mesh sleeving

  • Connector: Molex splash proof connector, with free wire on other end.

Pinouts are as follows:

  • Black - GND

  • White - Data

  • Red - +5V

** All cables are hand made, so slight variations in length may occur.