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Currently the available products for purchase are the 2017+ Yamaha R6 and 2015+ Yamha R1 DRL kits.  If you would like to purchase a controller separately for your own application (Send us a email: here and we'll be happy to help!)

RGBW LED strip (Epoxy Filled)

RGBW LED strip (Epoxy Filled)


Need some digital LEDs for your project?

Sold per meter, these are the same strips that we use in our DRL kits.  They come in either white or black flexible PCB.  

PCB Color:
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These LEDs are encased in a rectangular silicone tube, and backfilled with epoxy.  Making them IP-68 rated, suitable for unprotected areas on vehicles.  

They can be cut between every LED.  The silicone tube must be cut and the epoxy coating must be removed before soldering to the PCB, contacts for soldering are available on the bottom of the strip too. 

  • Diodes: Red, Green, Blue, White (6000K, cool white)
  • Operating voltage: 5VDC
  • Operating current: up to 60mA per LED
  • Wattage: ~36 watts / meter
  • Dimensions: Width 14.5 mm.  Height: 4.0 mm
  • Color of PCB: (White or Black)
  • Color of LED face (Black for Black PCB, White for White PCB)
  • IP-68 rated