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Currently the available products for purchase are the 2017+ Yamaha R6 and 2015+ Yamha R1 DRL kits.  If you would like to purchase a controller separately for your own application (Send us a email: here and we'll be happy to help!)

2017+ Yamaha R6 DRL & Mirrors Kit

2017+ Yamaha R6 DRL & Mirrors Kit

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Two versions of this kit are available (this kit will work with R6 models between 2017 - 2019) :  

  1. Retrofit - You must send in a set of DRLs & Mirrors for me to modify

  2. New - We will buy a new set of DRLs & Mirrors, modify those and send those to you.

This item is for the sequential turn signal RGBW DRLs and Mirror Kit for the 2017 Yamaha R6.  If you only want the DRL kit please see this item here.  

Load resistors for the R6 can be found here: Load Resistors for OEM LED Turn Signals

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Kit includes:

  • 1 pair of modded DRLs

  • 1 pair of modded mirrors

  • 1 x Controller

  • 1 x Vehicle Interface Harness (~18" [.45m])

  • 1 x Y-Harness (10" [~25cm])

  • 2 x Extension cables for data and power (~6' [1.8m])

  • 5 x Posi-Tap Wire taps

  • 6 x Adhesive Wire Clips

  • 10 x 4" Zipties

  • Return shipping is included**

  • Return shipping is included**

**Return shipping to the lower 48 states (USA) is included.  If shipping to other than the lower 48 states, a $20 USD shipping credit will be applied towards the shipping charge. 

If shipping to other countries (outside of the US) customs forms will be marked with the purchase price, buyer is responsible for any duties or tariffs charged by their country.

If you are sending us your DRLs to modify: DO NOT SHIP US YOUR DRLS UNTIL YOU HAVE PURCHASED A KIT. 

Typical process: 

  1. Purchase kit online.

  2. Please allow up to 12 hours for the email to be sent which will have the shipping address on where to send your DRLs. 

  3. Remove the DRLs and mirrors from your motorcycle (do not include the mounting nuts/gaskets from the mirrors).

  4. Pack up and send us your DRLs/mirrors (Write the order # on the outside of the box).  

    •     Example: If Fred is buying the kit for his friend Bill, when Bill removes his DRLs and sends them to us, Bill must include a copy of Fred's receipt, even though the kit will be shipped to back to Bill.

  5. Once we receive your DRLs we will confirm by sending you an e-mail, if shipping issues arise, or you do not hear from us within the shipping window please contact us (shipping mishaps do happen). 

  6. We will periodically update the status of your lights modification with emails.

  7. When complete, we will ship the kit back to the return address (or other address if specified), tracking info and package insurance will be provided.

  • On international orders, once your lights are complete we will contact you to agree upon shipping service and fees.  Once agreed upon we will send you an invoice (through PayPal, other options are available), when the shipping fee has been paid, we will ship out your lights.


Under no circumstances will Intelligent Lighting Systems, Inc. be liable for any damages, direct or indirect, consequential or compensatory, from the use of our products.  It is up to the installer and/or operator of the vehicle to determine what is allowed by law where the vehicle will be operated!  Intelligent Lighting Systems ALWAYS recommends running the DRLs with WHITE running lights, and AMBER turn signals!  Other modes are for off road use only!!!